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These parameters are referenced from the JSON file prepared earlier. Also, be sure to update the variable group name if you opted to use a different naming convention. Create a script for Customization. I've added 2 other scripts that is used in the packer . json file. Use the install_apps.ps1 to add installation parameters. JSON files and configuration files interface with Packer's own "Builders", "Provisioners" and "Post-Processors" to instantiate a deployment. In our example; it will automatically pull down the Ubuntu ISO, check its hash to ensure it's "intact", use a preseed file to configure Ubuntu, issue boot commands, and much more!. Here we used a few tools to build a Jenkins VM that will be used as our CI/CD pipeline. Below are the high-level steps: Packer to create an Azure image that has Docker installed. Create a Docker container image that contains Jenkins, Vault, Terraform, and Ansible. Packer is an open-source tool used to create virtual machine templates from a. Build the image by opening a cmd prompt and specifying your Packer template file as follows: Copy. ./packer build windows.json. You can also build the image by specifying the windows.pkr.hcl file as follows: Copy. packer build windows.pkr.hcl. An example of the output from the preceding commands is as follows: Bash.
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